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A Mini Sock Fashionista

28 May

Source: Who’s That Girl

If you didn’t read this last Sunday’s Style in the Sunday Times, then you missed a golden opportunity to appreciate a young fashionista in the making. Ophelia Horton is only 13 years old, but she’s started her own fashion blog “Who’s That Girl” which is not only amusing, but showcases a unique fashion perspective and writing style:

Some people are seriously lucky. They have a knack to stand out in the crowd like a (eye-) candy in a bunch of fruit…

The fact that she had incorporated over-the-knee socks into her ensemble caught my eye, but her quirky posts, brimming with personality, kept my attention (which is difficult to do). Kudos Ophelia!


This Week in Socks: New York Fashion Week

14 Sep

Below are some great straight-from-the-runway shots of sock fashion courtesy of New York Fashion Week – Spring 2012.

White anklets and Southern school girl dresses from Bebe:

Sheer dramatic knee highs in polka dot black from Betsey Johnson:

Frilly retro anklet socks from Jeremy Scott:

Old Hollywood a la Katherine Hepburn from Karen Walker:

Strappy peep-toe heels AND contrasting ankle socks from Oscar De La Renta:

Back to School Girl Sock Chic

28 Aug

With back to school season just around the corner, it’s worth considering how sock fashion contributes to a favorite fall look – school girl chic.

Source: Primark Autumn 2011 Lookbook

Source: Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl

Source: Former Parades

Source: Chictopia

Source: The Tragic Sense Blog

Source: Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Source: Esme and the Laneway Blog

Source: Chictopia

Source: Constance-Victoria Blog

Source: Playing with Fire

Source: Vogue China, 2011

Back to school nails I just had to share – source: The Daily Nail

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