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Respect: The Sock Monkey Chair

8 Sep

I am often amused by whimsical things, but there are very few times when I stop dead in my tracks and go WOW! Seeing designer Rebecca Yaker’s utterly fabulous sock monkey chair got me thinking out of the box about socks.

Author and creative mastermind behind Hazel & Melvin’s Room, a handmade baby furnishings retailer, her experience as a fashion designer and quirky style have also inspired the sock monkey dress.

The chair is for sale – how has somebody not snatched these up?


Sport socks made dainty

16 Jun

Source: The Little Black List

Giselle Bundchen / Shot used for GQ Cover 2008 / Source: CutthroatKids

Source: Elle Magazine

Source: Quality Rivets

Source: TokyoFashion.com

A Mini Sock Fashionista

28 May

Source: Who’s That Girl

If you didn’t read this last Sunday’s Style in the Sunday Times, then you missed a golden opportunity to appreciate a young fashionista in the making. Ophelia Horton is only 13 years old, but she’s started her own fashion blog “Who’s That Girl” which is not only amusing, but showcases a unique fashion perspective and writing style:

Some people are seriously lucky. They have a knack to stand out in the crowd like a (eye-) candy in a bunch of fruit…

The fact that she had incorporated over-the-knee socks into her ensemble caught my eye, but her quirky posts, brimming with personality, kept my attention (which is difficult to do). Kudos Ophelia!

A little dare from Sharon Haver

21 May

Sharon Haver provided some great advice for those interested in taking on the knee high socks and sandals trend advocated by Chloe. Honestly, I’m not such a fan of sheer socks and sandals myself, as I find it makes me look like a nurse in medical socks. But if you can pull it off, more power to you.

Sock Fashion on the Street

7 Apr

I hate to say it, but I honestly can’t remember where I got these great photos from, however they are great examples of innovative sock fashion on the go and I had to post them.

I think they’re from the fashion section of some publication surrounding New York Fashion Week S/S 2012. It’s my own sloppiness, I know, but if you happen to know where these appeared, let me know so I can give credit where credit is due.




Yuma Koshino: Spring/Summer 2012

19 Dec

Metallic sandals and colored socks? Somehow Yuma Koshino makes it work by adding pops of color to neutrals and mellow prints. I feel like she’s raided my grandmother’s closet and suddenly made it cool again.

I especially love these beige open-toe knee highs. Where can I get them? Perhaps they were just one of the designer’s flights of fancy, but if I can’t find them I’ll definitely be making them.


Socks and stockings through the eyes of Helmut Newton

20 Nov





Socks by the Seaside: Mulberry Spring/Summer 2012

2 Sep

Though fall is approaching, I’m already looking ahead to Mulberry’s Spring/Summer 2012 pre-collection. Inspired by the British seaside, the designs are a little prim, definitely playful and paired with adorable ankle socks. A good example of just how versatile a few pairs of well-chosen socks can be on a summer holiday.

Back to School Girl Sock Chic

28 Aug

With back to school season just around the corner, it’s worth considering how sock fashion contributes to a favorite fall look – school girl chic.

Source: Primark Autumn 2011 Lookbook

Source: Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl

Source: Former Parades

Source: Chictopia

Source: The Tragic Sense Blog

Source: Prada Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection

Source: Esme and the Laneway Blog

Source: Chictopia

Source: Constance-Victoria Blog

Source: Playing with Fire

Source: Vogue China, 2011

Back to school nails I just had to share – source: The Daily Nail

Jean Paul Gaultier Loves the Legwear

21 Aug

The great thing about Jean Paul Gaultier, aside from his wild fashion sense, is his ability to be playful, take risks and incorporate sexy legwear into his runway looks. Whether it’s socks, leggings, stockings or tights – the man just makes me want to go shopping! Here are just a few examples from various 2010-2012 shows.

JPG likes it colorful…


JPG likes texture…


JPG even likes to see socks on men…


And these are just examples from the past few seasons!

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