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Respect: The Sock Monkey Chair

8 Sep

I am often amused by whimsical things, but there are very few times when I stop dead in my tracks and go WOW! Seeing designer Rebecca Yaker’s utterly fabulous sock monkey chair got me thinking out of the box about socks.

Author and creative mastermind behind Hazel & Melvin’s Room, a handmade baby furnishings retailer, her experience as a fashion designer and quirky style have also inspired the sock monkey dress.

The chair is for sale – how has somebody not snatched these up?


Sport socks made dainty

16 Jun

Source: The Little Black List

Giselle Bundchen / Shot used for GQ Cover 2008 / Source: CutthroatKids

Source: Elle Magazine

Source: Quality Rivets


Friday sock funnies

13 Apr

Can I get some mustard with that?

17 Oct

For the longest time, I avoided the color yellow. I subscribed to the belief that it would wash out my pale skin and emphasize my lack of tan.

Then I discovered a pair of mustard shoes which opened the door to an exciting dijon-tinted world and there’s no going back. I find it instantly improves one’s mood, makes any outfit more interesting and is definitely one of my favorite colors for socks…among other things.

Maffy24 in H&M socks on Chictopia.

Louise, fashion blogger for Miss Pandora.

Blaire colored tights from Ruche Clothing.

Kirsten Dunst at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Cute hat and sock combo from Meg at The Doll House.

The absolute hottest stockings I have ever seen from Cervin Paris.

Fashion blogger Cindy Ashes, from Sleepwalks 9 to 5 in mustard skirt, turquoise cardigan and grey socks.

Deer print cozy socks from Maison Scotch.

Sock It To Me mustache socks (found at


Sock Finds on Etsy

1 Oct

Sock garters by Tara Bethune-Leamen at Swan Clothing.


Knitted socks from Pink Candy Studio.


Wonderful Alice in Wonderland tights from


Socks by EleRe


Vintage shoes from The Vintage Closet.


Autumn flower thigh-highs from Hanna Broer.

Live your life in these socks: Minga Berlin

29 Sep

I enjoy simple pleasures.

I jump on the bed, I secretly dance in elevators, I wiggle my toes. I embrace socks that allow me to do all of these things and smile when I know they’re made by a company that cares about quality and the impact their business has on the world around them. For this reason, I’m drawn to Minga Berlin socks.

With a color palette reminiscent of a candy shop, and names like picnic anarchy and layer cake, these adorable creations are socks that I can live my life in – because not only are they beautiful, they’re environmentally friendly from their organic cotton beginnings to the recyclable packaging they’re shipped in. I haven’t been able to stop oggling them since I stumbled onto their website.

Full disclosure: This isn’t me, but I wish it was!

I’ve ordered the over-the-knee version of the “two face” design in cherry lips, as shown below. The socks are available for purchase online at, or at various retailers throughout Italy, Greece, Austria and Germany (check their blog for store details).

I’ll keep an eye out for them and be sure to post pictures when they finally arrive! So very excited to try these on!

Splendid Photographer: Alexandra Grablewski

17 Sep

I’ve been busy this week but had a chance to check out one of my favorite blogs Decor8 and happened on the website of a fantastic New York photographer named Alexandra Grablewski. Her shots have a clean, whimsical innocence about them that I love, not to mention that the sock photographs in her portfolio automatically make me feel cozy and warm. If you the chance, check her portfolio out online.







Great Sock Moments on Film

24 Aug

Did you know that socks, hosiery and legwear have played an influential role in some of our favorite films? Me neither. However, here are just a few great sock moments from Hollywood. I’m sure there are many more…so if you can think of any others, please let me know!

Tom Cruise in Risky Business (1983)

Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Jennifer Beals and her legwarmers in Flashdance (1983)

Cyd Charisse in Silk Stockings (1957)

Bill Murray in Lost in Translation (2003)

Socks too adorable not to post!

21 Aug

Came across both of these today and just had to share them. Absolutely adorable sock cookies made by Sweet Genius for Sock It To Me

And cute little baby skull socks that I encountered in the window of No. 68 in Chorlton, Greater Manchester!

Feathery wishes, peacock dreams

16 Aug

I’m often reminded that certain styles and themes appear again and again in fashion simply because they are so distinctive and eye-catching. Designs featuring peacock feathers, colors and motifs are an excellent example of this and they never fail to inspire me with thoughts of mystery and luxury. Below are some styles and accessories that caught my eye…not to mention lots of fabulous peacock socks!


Sources: Victoria’s Secret 2010, artist Natalia Fabia and Alexander McQueen 2008




Source: Sock Smith


Source: Sock It To Me


Sources: Sock Dreams and Joy of Socks


Sources: Jonathan Aston and


Source: Falke Lunelle


Sources: Western Chief Boots, It’s So Clutch and Sense of Fashion

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