Live your life in these socks: Minga Berlin

29 Sep

I enjoy simple pleasures.

I jump on the bed, I secretly dance in elevators, I wiggle my toes. I embrace socks that allow me to do all of these things and smile when I know they’re made by a company that cares about quality and the impact their business has on the world around them. For this reason, I’m drawn to Minga Berlin socks.

With a color palette reminiscent of a candy shop, and names like picnic anarchy and layer cake, these adorable creations are socks that I can live my life in – because not only are they beautiful, they’re environmentally friendly from their organic cotton beginnings to the recyclable packaging they’re shipped in. I haven’t been able to stop oggling them since I stumbled onto their website.

Full disclosure: This isn’t me, but I wish it was!

I’ve ordered the over-the-knee version of the “two face” design in cherry lips, as shown below. The socks are available for purchase online at, or at various retailers throughout Italy, Greece, Austria and Germany (check their blog for store details).

I’ll keep an eye out for them and be sure to post pictures when they finally arrive! So very excited to try these on!


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